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All the picture published on the site are those of dead persons or having given their preliminary agreement. If your photo does not appear or then appears by mistake, please contact me.

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Gast Catherine
born 02/10/1839

Maison de Schalber Pierre
born 22/01/1851

Schalber Caroline
born 22/07/1882

Schalber Catherine en fauteuil roulant
born 31/03/1876

Carte d'identité de Schalber Louis
born 14/03/1865

Schalber Pierre & Foisset Madeleine
born 22/01/1851

Schalber Pascal
born 23/06/1974

Zavagni Julien
born 25/06/1980

Schalber Jean-Claude
born 02/03/1954

Zavagni Julien & Mignot Sarah
born 25/06/1980

Schalber Anne
born 16/06/1891

Schalber Madeleine
born 27/03/1890

Schalber Aloïs
born 07/06/1879