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All the picture published on the site are those of dead persons or having given their preliminary agreement. If your photo does not appear or then appears by mistake, please contact me.

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Schalber Jacques
born 22/03/1905

Schalber Marie-Anne
born 23/04/1878

Schalber Françoise
born 15/03/1884

Schalber Joseph
born 07/06/1873

Schalber Joseph
born 07/06/1873

Schalber Joseph & Wathlé Thérèse
born 22/02/1849

Schalber Catherine
born 31/03/1876

Schalber Marie-Madeleine
born 30/06/1886

Schalber Philomène
born 18/03/1883

Schalber André
born 29/11/1855

Schalber Bernard
born 05/03/1884

Schalber Marie
born 12/02/1886

Schalber Thérèse
born 04/03/1896

Schalber Pierre
born 22/01/1851

Schalber Eugène
born 03/03/1885

Schalber Adèle
born 19/10/1904

Schalber Cécile
born 10/01/1933

Schalber Marcel
born 01/08/1913

Lickel Anne-Lise
born 06/07/1954

Lickel Gérard
born 23/02/1956

Schalber Pascal
born 23/06/1974